Thursday, September 20, 2018

Lost Tales Found

A new book of Oz short stories has just been released with my illustrations: The Lost Tales of Oz edited by Joe Bongiorno. I contributed one short story, as well as 37 black-and-white illustrations and a wraparound dust jacket painting. The Lost Tales of Oz is published by The Royal Publisher of Oz and is available for order at this link.

The 18 stories are written in a wide array of styles and genres. Some of the stories are appropriate for casual readers, while other stories require a general knowledge of L. Frank Baum's Oz books to "get."  The authors include Michael O. Riley, J. L. Bell, Andrew Heller, Paul Dana, Jared Davis, Marcus Mebes, David Tai, Mike Conway, Nathan M. DeHoff, Jeff Rester, Sam Sackett, Joe Bongiorno, Margaret Berg, and me.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Barnes & Noble Interview about A Thousand Ships

Ross Johnson of Barnes & Noble's Science Fiction and Fantasy blog recently conducted an interview with me about the new full-color edition of Age of Bronze Book 1: A Thousand Ships. Here's the link to read it.

It's always enjoyable to discuss my work, especially a project that's so close to my heart as Age of Bronze. Johnson covers some of the standard questions, but he moves into territory I'm not often asked about, such as archaeological mysteries surrounding Troy.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Let the Trumpets Sound!


Age of Bronze Book 1: A Thousand Ships is now officially published in full color. If you haven't picked up your copy, run over to your local comics store to get it. You can also order the book signed by me at this link.

For your viewing pleasure, I've included below three color pages from the book as a sample of what you get inside it. John Dallaire is the colorist. I think you'll enjoy his work on Age of Bronze.

There's plenty more of this Trojan War story action in the 224 pages of full-color comics art inside A Thousand Ships. You also get a brand new introduction to the story from Tom Beasley, Visiting Assistant Professor of Greek and Roman Studies at Vassar; an updated Afterword by me; a couple pieces of never-before-published color artwork; along with maps, pronunciation glossary, and bibliography.

Whether you're new to Age of Bronze or you've been reading the series since it began, I think you'll be pleased by the new color look of what Publisher's Weekly called "a fantastically rich narrative."

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Color copyright © 2018 John Dallaire.
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Age of Bronze and the likenesses of its prominent characters are trademarks of Eric Shanower.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

CBR interview about Age of Bronze

Michael C. Lorah of CBR interviewed me about Age of Bronze in conjunction with the release of Age of Bronze Book 1: A Thousand Ships in color.

Click here for the link to read the interview.

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Monday, September 3, 2018

A Thousand Ships Finally Landed

Image Comics has released the new full color edition of Age of Bronze Book 1: A Thousand Ships at last! John Dallaire's coloring looks beautiful!

Geek Out recently recorded an interview with me about the new color A Thousand Ships and about Age of Bronze in general. Listen to that podcast by clicking here.

You can order your copy of the new, full-color A Thousand Ships at this link. I like to support comics retailers, so if you have a local comic store, ask it to reserve a copy of Age of Bronze Book 1: A Thousand Ships for you. But if you don't have a local comic store or you just can't wait until September 12, you can buy it from me immediately by clicking here. I'll sign each copy ordered until further notice. If you want your copy personalized, simply include your preferred text in the "Special Instructions" box during the ordering process.

In an earlier post I included sample pages from A Thousand Ships in full color. See those sample pages by clicking here. And see a different 18-page sample on the ordering page here.

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Thursday, August 30, 2018

The Three Stooges: Matinee Madness

On sale next Wednesday, September 5, is issue #1 of The Three Stooges: Matinee Madness. I drew the cover and the two main stories inside this comic book, published by American Mythology. Mike Wolfer scripted the stories and wrote the joke for the cover

When I mention to people that I'm drawing the Stooges, I'm often asked whether I'm drawing Shemp. No, this line-up of the Stooges is Moe Howard, Larry Fine, and Curly Howard. The stories are set in the mid-1930s. The coloring is in gray tones to simulate the look of a black-and-white motion picture. The Three Stooges: Matinee Madness strives to bring you the experience of a vintage Stooges movie short.

The first of the stories I drew is called "Shaky Bakers." The Stooges are called to a mansion as exterminators during a dinner party. Somehow they end up in the kitchen as dessert chefs. Slapstick and spooky shenanigans ensue.

The second story is "Loons on the Lagoon." The Stooges are running swamp tours, but when a gang of hard cases shows up, they're shanghaied into the middle of a lab experiment gone awry.

Anyone who loves the classic Three Stooges will want to read The Three Stooges: Matinee Madness #1.

"Shaky Bakers" artwork before lettering and tones.

Copyright © 2018 Eric Shanower. All rights reserved.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

A Thousand Ships in Full Color

Brand new cover art.
A Thousand Ships, the first volume in the Age of Bronze graphic novel series, will be published in full color on September 12 by Image Comics.

This new edition with color by John Dallaire is a major upgrade from the black-and-white edition that's been available so far. The additional dimension of color in the detailed costumes and sweeping landscapes of A Thousand Ships will immerse readers more fully into the story of the Trojan War.

New features are included in this color edition of A Thousand Ships. I've designed a new cover showing Helen and Paris (see image on left). Tom Beasley, PhD, Visiting Assistant Professor of Greek and Roman Studies at Vassar College, provides a new introduction. And I've updated the Afterword and added a couple color illustrations to it that have never seen print before.

How did this color edition come about? John Dallaire began coloring Age of Bronze for digital publication a few years ago. The digital edition of Age of Bronze didn't run very long, and it's been defunct since the digital publisher ceased operations in 2016. But I planned to publish Age of Bronze in color eventually, so John kept on coloring.

In case any reader is concerned that a version of Age of Bronze colored by someone else will dilute my vision of the whole project, let me lay those concerns to rest. John Dallaire colors Age of Bronze under my supervision. Not direct supervision, since we're on different sides of the USA. But I have final say on every single color that appears in Age of Bronze. I send John copious notes on each and every page. He's wonderfully patient and follows every note. Each page goes through an average of four versions before I stamp it with final approval. Still, I try to leave room enough for John's creativity to shine, and he's come up with some beautiful results in coloring my artwork.

You may have seen the color version of Age of Bronze issue #1 that was released a few months ago. (Click here to see sample pages.) That color issue gives a taste of what A Thousand Ships looks like. John Dallaire works with a full range of color, using a restrained style, so that the lines of artwork aren't overwhelmed. It's color in support of the story--color that lets the characters live rather than suffocating them.

A Thousand Ships is the first volume in the story of the Trojan War. It starts with the young cowherd Paris, who travels to the great city of Troy to recover his prize bull taken from him by Priam, Great King of Troy. In Troy the startling secret of Paris's past catapults him onto a fateful path leading to an immense clash between nations, the legendary Trojan War. Meet the classic characters of the story: Helen, reputed to be the world's most beautiful woman--Achilles, destined to die a great warrior unless his mother can save him--Agamemnon, the proud and stubborn leader of the Achaean forces against Troy--Odysseus, the island king who wants nothing to do with war--and many more.

Age of Bronze, Book 1: A Thousand Ships will be available September 2018 wherever fine comics are sold. Sample pages below:

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