Wednesday, December 20, 2017

More Adventures in Oz

The second hardcover volume of Adventures in Oz is finally out. This volume collects the stories "The Forgotten Forest of Oz," "The Secret Island of Oz," and "The Blue Witch of Oz." For now I find it on sale here at Target. Don't see hardcover for sale elsewhere yet, although Amazon has the Kindle edition.

"The Forgotten Forest of Oz" is remains a project I'm quite fond of and still proud of after all these years. It originally was published in 1988. Some of the artwork in "The Blue Witch of Oz" I still think is pretty good and I sort of envy the me I was back in 1990 and '91 to accomplish that. "The Secret Island of Oz" I consider the weakest of my five Oz graphic novels. Parts of it have sentimental value to me still, but of course that aspect doesn't have any impact on readers.

The cover is the same one used on Little Adventures in Oz volume 2, but I didn't like the way that one printed, so I did further work on it for this edition. Casual readers won't likely notice, but I think this cover looks tons better.

[UPDATE: It seems that this book hasn't been published. It's still listed as forthcoming on IDW's website. And I haven't seen a copy.]

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