Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Non-electric Barbarella

Barbarella #12 published by Dynamite is now available. One of its five alternate covers features my artwork. This new Barbarella mini-series is based squarely on Jean-Claude Forest's original space heroine and not on the movie version starring Jane Fonda.

Pin-up style art isn't my typical sort of project, but I was happy to accept the challenge. There were sixty cover images for this mini-series, each by a different artist. Barbarella posing with a ray-gun seems to have been many artists' first impulse. The editor instructed me NOT to show Barbarella posed with a ray-gun—he'd had enough of that.

The character Barbarella is famous for falling into one sexual situation after another, so I wanted my cover to be sexy, yet not exploitative. I hope my final image conveys that Barbarella is happy to be where she is.

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