Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Betrayal Part One in Full Color

At last, Book Three of the Age of Bronze graphic novel series shines with full color for everyone to see! Betrayal Part One goes on sale today from Image Comics.

This volume tells the story of Philoktetes's betrayal and digs deeply into the beginnings of the Troilus and Cressida episode. The cover features the moment just after Philoktetes is bitten by the snake.

John Dallaire's colors bring to life the Achaean attack on the island of Tenedos, the embassy to Troy when Hektor seems to be the only person still trying to reach peace between the two sides, and Menelaus's drunken memories of growing up with Helen.

Age of Bronze Book Three: Betrayal Part One--in color!--is available for sale at comics stores and wherever books are sold. Here's a short preview:

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