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General Guidelines for Pronunciation
a as in lap
ay as in say
e as in bed
ee as in see
eye as in hike
g as in get
i as in sit
o as in not
oh as in note
oo as in wool
s as in less
th as in thick
u as in us
uh as in duh
Achaea a-kee-a, roughly the area now known as Greece
Achaean(s) a-kee-uhn(z), people of Achaea, roughly modern Greece
Achilles a-kil-eez, Achaean son of Peleus and Thetis, prince of Phthia
Aeakus ee-a-kus, father of Peleus and Telamon, grandfather of Achilles and Great Ajax
Aegina ee-jee-na, Klytemnestra's servant and former nurse
Aeneas ee-nee-as, prince of Dardania, cousin of Trojan royal family
Aesakus ee-sa-kus, Trojan seer son of Priam and Arisbe
Aesyetes ee-seye-ee-teez, father of Antenor
Aetolia ee-toh-lee-a, Achaean land ruled by Thoas
Agamemnon a-ga-mem-non, king of Mycenae, High King of the Achaeans
Aganus a-gay-nus, Trojan son of Paris and Helen
Agapenor a-ga-pee-nor, Achaean king of Arcadia
Agarista a-ga-ris-ta, Achaean daughter of Philoktetes
Agenor a-jee-nor, common ancestor of Hekuba and Helen
Agelaus a-je-lay-us, a cattleherd, supposed father of Paris
Agyrtes a-jir-teez, Achaean steward of Diomedes
Aithra ay-thra, Achaean servant of Helen, mother of Theseus, grandmother of Akamas and Demophoon
Ajax (great) ay-jax, Achaean son of Telamon, prince of Salamis
Ajax (little) ay-jax, Achaean son of Oileus, king of Lokris
Akamas a-ka-mas, Achaean prince of Athens, son of Theseus, grandson of Aithra, brother of Demophoon
Alasiya a-la-seye-uh, island now known as Cyprus
Alexander a-lek-zan-der, Trojan servant of Pandarus
Alkimus al-ki-mus, Achaean companion of Achilles
Amyntor a-min-tor, Achaean father of Phoenix (1)
Amurru a-moo-roo
Anchises an-keye-seez, father of Aeneas, leader of the Dardanians
Andromache an-dro-ma-kee, princess of Thebes, wife of Hektor
Anius ay-nee-us, king of Delos
Antenor an-tee-nor, Trojan elder
Antigone an-ti-goh-nee, Trojan cousin of Cressida, daughter of Pandarus
Antimachus an-ti-ma-kus, Trojan elder
Antiphos an-ti-fus, Achaean companion of Odysseus
Antiphus an-ti-fus, from Kos, Achaean grandson of Herakles
Aphidnae a-fid-nee, town near Athens that once hid Helen
Arachnus a-rak-nus, Achaean mountain overlooking Mycenae
Arcadia ar-kay-dee-a, Achaean area ruled by Agapenor, west of Mycenae
Archelochus ar-ke-loh-kus, son of Antenor
Argissa ar-jis-a, Achaean city ruled by Polypoetes
Argo ar-goh, ship in which Jason sailed in quest of the Golden Fleece
Argolid ar-go-lid, Achaean area containing the cities Mycenae, Tiryns, and Argos
Argos (1) ar-gos, dog of Odysseus
Argos (2) ar-gos, Achaean city in the Argolid ruled by Diomedes
Ariadne a-ree-ad-nee, Cretan princess carried away by Theseus
Arisbe a-riz-bee, Priam's first wife
Arkas ar-kas, Achaean servant of Agamemnon
Arsinoe ar-sin-oh-ee, Iphigenia's nurse
Artemis ar-te-mis, goddess of the hunt and moon
Arzawa ar-za-wuh, area south of Troy
Askalaphus a-ska-la-fus, Achaean king of Orchomenos
Askania as-kayn-ya, city in Phrygia
Asklepius as-klee-pee-us, greatest Achaean healer
Asphalion as-fay-lee-on, Achaean palace servant of Menelaus
Assyria a-si-ree-uh, area east of Troy
Astyoche as-teye-o-kee, sister of Priam, wife of Telephus
Astyochea as-tee-o-kee-a, mother of Tlepolemus
Athena a-thee-na, goddess of wisdom and war
Athenian(s) a-theen-yan(z), of the city of Athens
Athens a-thenz, Achaean city in Attika, ruled by Menestheus
Atlas at-las, a titan
Atreus ay-tryoos, father of Agamemnon and Menelaus
Attica a-ti-ca, area of Achaea including Athens
Auge aw-jee, Achaean mother of Telephus
Aulis aw-lis, bay where army assembles
Automedon o-to-me-don, Achilles's Achaean charioteer
Balius bay-lee-us, chariot horse of Achilles
Boeotia bee-o-shuh, area north of Mycenae where Aulis is located
Borus bor-us, father of Menesthius, brother-in-law of Achilles
Bunomus byoo-noh-mus, second son of Paris and Helen
Chalkiope kal-keye-o-pee, grandmother of Antiphus and Phiddipus
Chalkis kal-kis, town on the shore of Euboea opposite Aulis
Cheiron keye-ron, Kentaur teacher of royal youths including young Achilles
Chersidamas kur-si-da-mas, Trojan son of Priam and a secondary wife, Paris's charioteer
Chromius kro-mee-us, Trojan son of Priam and Hekuba
Chryse kry-see, goddess worshiped on Tenedos
Chrysippus kreye-sip-us, son of Pelops, uncle of Agamemnon and Menelaus
Chrysothemis kry-so-the-mis, third daughter of Agamemnon and Klytemnestra
Cressida kres-i-duh, Trojan daughter of Kalchas, lover of Troilus
Cretans kree-tanz, people of the island of Crete ruled by Idomeneus
Crete kreet, island kingdon of Idomeneus
Danus day-nus, Trojan son of Antenor and Theano
Dardania dar-day-nee-uh, kingdom of Anchises
Dardanian(s) dar-day-nee-an(z), people of Dardania
Dardanian Gate dar-day-nee-an, gate in Troy's southeastern lower city wall
Dardanus (1) dar-dan-us, forefather of the Trojan royal family
Dardanus (2) dar-dan-us, area ruled by Perseus just southeast of Troy
Dares da-reez, Trojan priest
Deidamia dee-i-da-meye-uh, eldest daughter of Lykomedes of Skyros
Deiphobus de-if-oh-bus, prince of Troy, son of Priam and Hekuba
Delos dee-los, island sacred to the Sun God
Delphi del-feye, location of the chief Achaean oracle
Delphic del-fik, of the oracle at Delphi
Demophoon dee-mo-foh-on, prince of Athens, son of Theseus, grandson of Aithra, brother of Akamas
Diomedes deye-o-mee-deez, Achaean king of Argos and Tiryns
Diores deye-o-reez, father of Automedon
Dolopes do-lo-peez, an Achaean tribe
Dymas deye-mas, father of Hekuba and Asius
Eetion ee-et-e-on, king of Hypoplacian Thebes, father of Andromache
Ekhinos e-kee-nos, companion of Odysseus
Elais ee-lay-is, one of the three daughters of Anius of Delos
Elektra ee-lek-tra, second daughter of Agamemnon and Klytemnestra
Ephyra e-fi-ra, Achaean city
Epistrophus e-pis-tro-fus, leader of the Halizonians, allied to Troy
Epopeus ee-poh-pyoos

Esseus es-yoos, Trojan ally from Thrace
Eteoneus et-ee-ohn-yoos, servant of Menelaus
Euboea yoo-bee-a, Achaean island ruled by Elephenor
Eudorus yoo-dor-us, Myrmidon
Eumenes yoo-mee-neez, a farmer in Lakedaemon
Eupompe yoo-pom-pee, one of Thetis's Nereid "sisters"
Europa yoo-roh-puh, mortal girl loved by Zeus

Eurotas yoo-roh-tus, river near Sparta
Eurybates yoo-rib-a-teez, Achaean herald and comrade of Odysseus
Eurypylus yoo-ri-pi-lus, son of Telephus and Astyoche
Eurytus yoo-ri-tus, a Kentaur guest at the wedding of Peirithous
Evadne e-vad-nee, Trjan handmaid of Cressida
Ganymedes ga-ni-mee-deez, Priam's great-uncle taken by the thunder god
Gargara gar-ga-ra, highest peak of Mount Ida

Glauke glaw-kee, daughter of Kyknos, war-prize of Great Ajax
Glaukus glaw-kus, companion of Sarpedon, co-commander of Lykians
Guneus goon-yoos, Achaean king of Kyphus
Guowaxeus gwo-waks-yoos, a farmer in Lakedaemon
Haimos hay-mos, Mysian warrior
Halitherses ha-li-ther-seez, Achaean seer of Ithaka
Halizonians ha-li-zoh-nee-anz, a people northeast of Troy, Trojan allies
Hatti ha-tee, area just east of Troy
Hekamede hek-a-mee-dee, female Tenedan captive awarded to Nestor
Hektor hek-tor, eldest son of Priam and Hekuba, prince of Troy
Hekuba hek-yoo-buh, chief wife of Priam
Helen he-len, wife first of Menelaus and then of Paris
Helenus he-le-nus, Trojan prince, son of Priam and Hekuba, twin brother of Kassandra
Helikaon he-li-kay-on, Trojan son of Antenor, engaged to Laodike
Hellespont he-le-spont, strait of water just north of Troy
Hemithea he-mi-thee-uh, sister of Tennes
Hephaistos hee-fays-tos, Achaean god of fire
Herakles her-a-kleez, greatest Achaean hero
Hermione hur-meye-o-nee, daughter of Menelaus and Helen
Hesione he-seye-uh-nee, sister of Priam, wife of Telamon, mother of Teukros
Hiera heye-eer-uh, wife of Telephus
Hiketaon hi-ke-tay-on, Trojan elder
Hippolochus hi-po-loh-kus, eldest son of the Trojan elder Antimachus

Hippothous hi-po-thoh-us, son of Priam and Hekuba
Ida eye-duh, mountain south of Troy, also the entire mountain range
Idaean Gate eye-dee-an, gate in Troy's southern lower city wall
Idaeus (1) eye-dee-us, Priam's herald

Idaeus (2) eye-dee-us, son of Paris and Helen
Idas eye-das, Achaean hero, an Argonaut
Idomeneus eye-do-men-yoos, king of Crete
Ikarius eye-kar-e-us, father of Penelope, brother of Tyndareus
Ikarus i-ka-rus, ruler of Karia who bought Theonoe from pirates
Iliona i-lee-oh-na, Trojan daughter of Priam and Hekuba
Iolaus eye-oh-lay-us, king of Phylake, first Achaean to land at Troy during war
Ilus eye-lus, founder of Trojan royal family, grandfather of Priam
Iphigenia i-fi-je-neye-a, first daughter of Agamemnon and Klytemnestra
Iphiklus eye-fi-klus, former Achaean king of Phylake, father of Iolaus
Ithaka i-tha-ka, Achaean island ruled by Odysseus
Jason jay-son, leader of the argonautic expedition for the Golden Fleece, king of Iolkus
Kaeneus kee-nyoos, androgynous hero buried alive in battle at Peirithous's wedding
Kaikos kay-kos, river in Mysia
Kalchas kal-kas, Trojan priest of the sun god, he joins the Achaeans
Kallisto ka-lis-to
Kalydon Ka-li-don, Achaean city in Aetolia ruled by Oeneus
Karene ka-ree-nee, city near Troy
Karia(ns) kayr-ee-a(nz), an area south of Troy, the people of that area
Kar-duniash kar-dun-ee-ash
Kassandra ka-san-druh, Trojan daughter of Priam and Hekuba, a seer, twin sister of Helenus
Kastor kas-tor, Achaean brother of Helen, twin of Polydeukes
Katreus kat-ryoos, maternal grandfather of Agamemnon, former king of Crete
Kebriones ke-breye-o-neez, Trojan son of Priam by a secondary wife, Hektor's charioteer
Kentaurs ken-taurz, tribe of men that holds horses as holy
Kephisa ke-fee-sa, servant of Andromache
Kikones ki-koh-neez, a people of Thrace north of Troy
Kilissa ki-lis-uh, Achaean nurse of Orestes
Killa kil-a, city near Troy
Kinyras ki-ni-ras, Achaean king of Cyprus
Kisseus kis-yoos, father of Theano
Klymene kli-mee-nee, Achaean servant of Helen
Klytemnestra kleye-tem-nes-tra, wife of Agamemnon, sister of Helen
Klytius kli-tee-us, Trojan elder
Kolchis kol-kis, rich land on the eastern edge of the Black Sea
Kolophon ko-lo-fon, city in Pamphylia south of Troy
Koon koh-on, Trojan son of Antenor and Theano

Korythus koh-ree-thus, son of Oenone
Kos kos, Achaean island
Kreusa kree-oo-suh, eldest Trojan daughter of Priam and Hekuba, wife of Aeneas
Krimo kreye-moh, Trojan daughter of Antenor and Theano
Kusamenos koo-sa-mee-nos, a farmer in Lakedaemon
Kyklopes kik-loh-peez, giant children of Earth and Sky
Kyknos kik-nos, albino king of Kolonae, slain by Achilles
Kyphus ky-fus, Achaean land ruled by Guneus
Laerkes lay-ur-keez, Achaean father of Alkimus
Laertes lay-ur-teez, Achaean father of Odysseus
Lakedaemon (1) la-ke-dee-mon, Achaean land ruled by Menelaus
Lakedaemon (2) la-ke-dee-mon, grandson of Atlas, ancestor of Helen
Lakedaemonian lak-e-dee-mon-ee-an, of the area ruled by Menelaus
Laius lay-us, Achaean father of Oedipus, former king of Thebes
Lampus lam-pus, Trojan elder
Laodamas lay-o-da-mas, Trojan son of Antenor and Theano
Laodike lay-o-di-kee, Trojan daughter of Priam and Hekuba
Laomedon lay-o-me-don, father of Priam
Larissa la-ris-a, city of the Pelasgians, allied to Troy
Leda lee-da, mother of Helen
Lemnos lem-nos, island northwest of Troy
Lesbos lez-bos, island southwest of Troy
Leukippe lyoo-kip-ee, Trojan sister of Kalchas and Pandarus, aunt of Cressida
Leukophrys loo-koh-fris, former name of the island of Tenedos
Lykia lik-ya, area south of Troy ruled by Sarpedon
Lykian(s) lik-yan(z), a people south of Troy ruled by Sarpedon
Lykomedes leye-ko-mee-deez, king of the island of Skyros, father of Deidamia
Machaon ma-kay-on, Achaean healer from Trikka, Podalirius's brother
Maemalus mee-ma-lus, father of Pisander
Maeonians mee-oh-nee-anz, a people near Lake Gyge east of Troy
Medea me-dee-uh, daughter of King Aeetes of Kolchis, eloped with Jason to Iolkus, later found refuge with King Aegeus in Athens
Medesikaste mee-des-i-kas-tee, Trojan daughter of Priam, wife of Imbrius
Medon mee-don, bastard Achaean son of Oileus, half brother of Little Ajax
Melampus me-lam-pus, Achaean cousin of Nestor
Meleager me-lee-ay-ger, Achaean son of Oeneus, slayer of the Kalydonian boar
Menelaus me-ne-lay-us, Achaean king of Lakedaemon, brother of Agamemnon
Menestheus me-nes-thyoos, Achaean king of Athens
Menesthius me-nes-thee-us, Myrmidon son of Borus, nephew of Achilles
Menoetius men-ee-shus, Achaean father of Patroklus
Mentora men-tor-a, city near Troy
Messenia me-sen-ee-a, area ruled by Nestor
Mestor mes-tor, prince of Troy
Methone me-thoh-nee, city ruled by Philoktetes
Minuus min-yoo-us, father of the Halizonian leaders Epistrophus and Odius
Misri mis-ree
Mnemon nee-mon, Achaean guide assigned to Achilles by Thetis

Munitus moo-neye-tus, son of Laodike and Akamas
Mycenae meye-see-nee, city of Agamemnon
Mycenaean meye-see-nee-an, of the area ruled by Agamemnon
Mygdon mig-don, leader of the Phrygians
Myria meye-ree-a, alternate name for the area around Troy
Myrmidons mur-mi-donz, Achilles's soldiers from Phthia
Mysia mi-sha, area south of Troy where Telephus rules
Mysians mi-shanz, people of the area south of Troy where Telephus rules
Nauplia naw-plee-uh, area ruled by Nauplius on coast of Argolid
Nauplius naw-plee-us, Achaean father of Palamedes and Oeax, king of Nauplia
Nea Andros nee-a an-dros, city near Troy
Nea Chryse nee-a kreye-see, tiny island off the coast of Lemnos
Neandrienses nee-an-dree-en-seez, people of Nea Andros
Neleus neel-yoos, Achaean father of Nestor
Neoptolemus nee-op-to-le-mus, Achaean son of Achilles and Deidamia (also called Pyrrhus)
Nereid nee-ree-id, title of Thetis, the daughter of Nereus
Nereids nee-ree-idz, nymphs of the sea
Nereus nee-ree-us, Achaean god of ocean, reputed father of Thetis and grandfather of Achilles
Nestor nes-tor, elderly Achaean king of Pylos, father of Thrasymedes and Antilochus
Nykteus nik-tyoos
Odius od-ee-us, co-leader of the Halizonians, allied to Troy
Odysseus o-dis-yoos, Achaean king of Ithaka
Oeax ee-ax, Achaean prince of Nauplia, brother of Palamedes
Oeta ee-ta, mountain where Herakles burned upon a funeral pyre and his apotheosis took place, home of the Kalydonian boar
Oedipus ed-i-pus or ee-di-pus, king of Thebes, grandfather/uncle of Thersander
Oeneus een-yoos, grandfather of both Diomedes and Thoas, uncle of Thersites
Oeno ee-noh, one of the three daughters of Anius of Delos
Oenone ee-noh-nee, first lover of Paris, nymph of Mount Ida
Oileus oh-eel-yoos, Achaean father of Little Ajax and Medon
Olpides ol-peye-deez, Trojan servant of Paris
Olympus oh-lim-pus, mountain in Greece where the Olympian gods live
Omphale om-fa-lee, queen whom Herakles served for a year dressed as a female
Opois o-poh-is, Achaean city
Orchomenos or-ko-me-nus, Achaean city ruled by Askalaphus
Orestes oh-res-teez, Achaean son of Agamemnon and Klytemnestra
Orthrian orth-ree-an, of the dawn or morning, i. e. early
Paeonians pee-oh-nee-unz, people of the area northwest of Troy, beyond Thrace
Palamedes pa-la-mee-deez, Achaean prince of Nauplia, cousin of Agamemnon, brother of Oeax
Pandarus pan-da-rus, Trojan noble, brother of Kalchas, uncle of Cressida
Panthous pan-thoh-us, Trojan elder, father of Polydamas and Euphorbus
Paphlagonians pa-fla-goh-nee-anz, a people northeast of Troy
Paris pa-ris, Trojan prince, lover of Helen
Patara pa-tar-a, city in Lykia
Patroklus pa-trok-lus, Achilles's closest Achaean companion
Pedaeon pe-dee-on, area ruled by Imbrius
Pedaeus pe-dee-us, Trojan son of Antenor and Theano
Peirithous peye-rith-oh-us, Achaean hero, brother of Phisadie, father of Polypoetes
Peleus peel-yoos, Achaean king of Phthia, father of Achilles
Pelion pee-lee-on, mountain abode of Cheiron
Pelops pel-ops, paternal grandfather of Agamemnon and Menelaus
Peneleos pee-ne-lee-os, Achaean commander from Boeotia
Penelope pe-nel-oh-pee, Achaean wife of Odysseus
Periboea pe-ri-bee-uh, Achaean wife of Telamon, mother of Great Ajax
Perseus per-syoos, king of Dardanus, husband of Philobia, Trojan ally
Peteos pee-tee-os, father of Menestheus
Phalis fay-lis, king of Sidon
Phidippus feye-dip-us, Achaean from the island of Kos, grandson of Herakles
Philaemon fi-lee-mon, Trojan son of Priam and a secondary wife
Philenor feye-lee-nor, prince of Troy, son of Priam, charioteer of Troilus
Philobia fi-loh-bee-a, wife of Trojan ally Perseus of Dardanus
Philoktetes fi-lok-tee-teez, Achaean king of Methone, inheritor of Herakles's bow and arrows
Philomela fi-loh-mee-luh, Trojan daughter of Priam and Hekuba
Philomeleides fi-lo-me-lee-deez, a king on the island of Lesbos
Phineus fin-yoos, relative of Hekuba
Phisadie fi-si-deye-ee, Achaean servant of Helen, sister of Peirithoos
Phoenicia fee-ni-sha, area on the coast of the Levant
Phoenix (1) fee-niks, Achaean companion and tutor of Achilles
Phoenix (2) fee-niks, son of Agenor
Phrygia fri-ja, area northeast of Troy
Phrygian(s) fri-jan(z), a people northeast of Troy
Phthia ftheye-a, Achaean area ruled by Peleus, home of Achilles and the Myrmidons
Phylake fi-la-kee, Achaean city ruled by Iolaus
Pisander peye-san-der, a Myrmidon
Pittheus pit-thyoos, Achaean king of Troezen, father of Aithra, uncle of Agamemnon and Menelaus
Pleione pleye-oh-nee, lover of Atlas, ancestor of both Helen and the Trojan royal line
Pleisthenes plee-is-the-neez, son of Helen and Menelaus, taken by Paris to Troy
Podalirius po-da-leye-ree-us, Achaean healer from Trikka, brother of Machaon
Podarge po-dar-jee, mare given to Peleus by the gods
Podarkes (1) po-dar-keez, original name of Priam
Podarkes (2) po-dar-keez, Achaean brother of Iolaus, subsequent commander of men of Phylake
Poias poy-as, Achaean father of Philoktetes, companion of Herakles
Poliphetes po-li-fee-teez, Trojan prejudiced against Cressida
Polites po-leye-teez, prince of Troy, son of Priam and Hekuba
Poliwos po-lee-wos, a farmer in Lakedaemon
Polydamas po-li-da-mas, Trojan son of Panthous, companion of Hektor
Polydeukes po-li-dyoo-keez, Achaean brother of Helen, twin of Kastor
Polydora po-li-dor-a, sister of Achilles
Polymestor po-li-mes-tor, ruler in Thrace
Polyneikes po-li-neye-keez, son of Oedipus, father of Thersander
Polypoetes po-li-pee-teez, son of Peirithous, nephew of Phisadie, Achaean king of the Lapiths of Argissa
Polyxena poh-liks-ee-nuh, Trojan daughter of Priam and Hekuba
Poseidon po-seye-don, Achaean god of earth and ocean
Priam preye-am, king of Troy
Prokleia pro-klee-uh, mother of Tennes and Hemithea, sister of Priam
Protesilaus proh-tes-i-lay-us, posthumous name of Iolaus
Pylaemenes pi-lee-me-neez, leader of the Paphlagonians
Pylos peye-los, Achaean area ruled by Nestor
Pyrrha peer-uh, Achilles's name in female disguise
Pyrrhus peer-us, original name of son of Achilles and Deidamia, later called Neoptolemus
Rhodes rohdz, Achaean island ruled by Tlepolemus
Salamis sa-la-mis, Achaean island ruled by Telamon
Samothrake sam-o-thray-kee, island west of Troy, considered holy
Sarabana sa-ra-bah-na, a city west of Troy
Sarpedon sar-pee-don, king of Lykia
Sidon seye-don, land on coast of the levant
Sisyphus sis-i-fus, Corinthian hero who outwitted the gods and was sentenced to forever push a stone up a hill only to have it roll to the bottom when he neared the summit, sometimes called the father of Odysseus
Skaean Gate skee-an, a gate of Troy
Skyros skeye-ros, island ruled by Lykomedes
Skythia ski-thee-a, area northeast of Troy across the Black Sea
Sparta spar-tuh, Achaean city in Lakedaemon ruled by Menelaus
Spercheus spur-kee-us, river in Phthia
Spermo sper-moh, one of the three daughters of Anius of Delos
Sthenelus sthen-e-lus, Achaean companion of Diomedes, co-commander of the forces from Argos and Tiryns
Talthybius tal-thi-bee-us, Achaean herald of Agamemnon
Tantalus tan-ta-lus, great-grandfather of Agamemnon and Menelaus
Tartarus tar-tar-us, the lowest underworld
Tegea te-jee-a, Achaean city
Telamon tel-a-mon, Achaean king of Salamis, father of Great Ajax and Teukros
Telemachus te-le-mok-us, Achaean son of Odysseus and Penelope
Telephus te-le-fus, king of Mysia, son of Herakles and Auge
Telestes te-les-teez, Trojan son of Priam and a secondary wife
Tenedan(s) ten-e-dan(z), people of the island of Tenedos
Tenedos ten-e-dos, island just off the coast southwest of Troy
Tennes ten-eez, king of Tenedos, brother of Hemithea, nephew of Priam
Teukros tyoo-kros, Achaean half-brother of Great Ajax, son of Telamon and Hesione
Teuthrania tyooth-rayn-ya, Mysian city
Teuthranius tyooth-ran-yus, half-brother of Telephus
Teuthras tyooth-ras, former king of Teuthrania
Theano thee-ay-no, Trojan priestess of the wisdom goddess, wife of Antenor
Thebans thee-banz, people of Thebes
Thebes (1) theebz, city south of Troy ruled by Eetion
Thebes (2) theebz, Achaean city ruled by Thersander
Theonoe thee-on-oh-ee, Achaean sister of Kalchas and Pandarus, aunt of Cressida
Thersander ther-san-der, Achean king of Thebes (2)
Thersites ther-seye-teez, the ugliest Achaean, cousin of Diomedes
Theseus thees-yoos, great Achaean hero, former king of Athens, son of Aithra, father of Akamas and Demophoon
Thessalus thes-a-lus, Achaean father of Antiphus and Phidippus
Thetis thee-tis, influential Achaean priestess, mother of Achilles, former wife of Peleus
Thoas thoh-as, Achaean king of Aetolia
Thrace thrays, area northwest of Troy, north of the Aegean Sea
Thrasymedes thras-i-mee-deez, Achaean son of Nestor
Thyestes theye-es-teez, Achaean brother of Atreus, uncle of Agamemnon and Menelaus
Thymoetes theye-mee-teez, Trojan elder
Tiryns tir-inz, Achaean city ruled by Diomedes
Titans teye-tanz, elder gods, first children of Earth and Sky
Tlepolemus tle-po-le-mus, Achaean king of Rhodes, a son of Herakles
Trikka trik-a, Achaean city of Podalirius and Machaon
Troezen tree-zin, Achaean city once ruled by Pittheus, birthplace of Aithra
Troilus troy-lus, prince of Troy, son of Priam and Hekuba, lover of Cressida
Tydeus teye-dyoos, father of Diomedes, one of the seven against Thebes
Tyndareus tin-dar-yoos, father of Helen
Ukalegon yoo-kal-e-gon, Trojan elder
Xanthus zan-thus, chariot horse of Achilles
Zeus zyoos, Achaean god of thunder and sky