Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Long Time Coming

The character on the right returns in Age of Bronze #34.
Age of Bronze issue #34 will feature the reappearance of a character long unseen in the story. Unseen, in fact, since issue #3.

Recently while doing some research for a completely different project, I serendipitously came across a poem printed in the May 29, 1904, issue of The Chicago Tribune. The poem's viewpoint character is the one returning in the next issue of Age of Bronze. So I thought I'd offer that poem here, along with a penciled panel featuring the character.

The Chicago Tribune failed to credit the author of this poem. But a little research showed that it was written by Ethel Clifford.
Oenone's Song
Here in the dark I sit and dream your face,
   And in the burning darkness say your name;
And wish my life once more was void of you,
   And knew again the days before you came.

So small my kingdom was, and set about
   With walls of limit; but the sun shone in,
That never shines now through the mists of rain
   With which the days end and the days begin.

So short my little singing space in time,
   But very glad the songs that were my part--
My tree of happiness stands brown and dead,
   The birds are flown that sang within my heart.

You knocked a little while at my heart's gate
   Till, fain to give, I opened it in haste,
And through the door so joyously set wide
   You entered in and laid my kingdom waste.

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