Thursday, April 19, 2018

At Last! AGE OF BRONZE in Full Color

Big news! Big changes for Age of Bronze.

For the first time ever, Age of Bronze will be printed in full color.

That's right. Full color.

No more black and white.

All new Age of Bronze material will be published in full color by Image Comics. All old Age of Bronze material will be reprinted in full color by Image Comics.

You'll see the story of the Trojan War in a whole new way.

I've been working with John Dallaire, Age of Bronze colorist, for several years in preparation for color publication. John and I were matched up in 2011 for Throwaway Horse's digital publication of Age of Bronze. Several issues were published digitally before Throwaway Horse ceased operations. But John continued coloring Age of Bronze under my direction. We knew that Age of Bronze would be printed in color one day.

First of all, Age of Bronze issue #1 in full color from Image Comics goes on sale April 25, 2018. That's next week. This reprint--in new full color--sells for the bargain price of $1.00! This bargain-price reprint of issue #1 is intended to give readers a sample of how Age of Bronze will look from now on. Find it in your local comic shop or order it digitally from Comixology. You can also order a physical copy here for immediate shipment--while supplies last.

All Age of Bronze graphic novels will receive new color printings. The first book, A Thousand Ships, will be published in full color in September 2018. Color versions of each subsequent Age of Bronze book will follow in print annually from Image Comics.

Age of Bronze #34, the first new issue in several years, will be published in full color in early 2019. All new Age of Bronze issues will be published digitally in color on Comixology. New issues won't see print--they'll only be available digitally. But the story pages from every new Age of Bronze issue will be collected into printed graphic novel format as usual--now in full color.

Some of you may remember that the first four issues of Age of Bronze appeared several years ago in color as an app for iPad. That version is being superseded. John Dallaire has refined many color details since those first digital color publications. In fact, due to a resolution discrepancy, John completely re-colored Age of Bronze #1 for the new print version. He made quite a few refinements. Eagle-eyed readers will be able to spot many differences when comparing the new color version with the old digital one.

So thanks to John Dallaire and to Image Comics for making this all possible.

For your enjoyment, here's a six-page preview of Age of Bronze #1 in full color. Click on any page to see it larger.

Continued in Age of Bronze #1.

Copyright © 2018 Eric Shanower.
Interior page color copyright © 2018 John Dallaire.
All rights reserved.