Saturday, June 8, 2019

Meet Me at the Fair

The Wizard of Oz is the theme of this year's San Diego County Fair. I lived in San Diego, California, for many years and enjoyed attending the fair each summer. But I don't live there anymore and won't be attending this year, even though I'd like to see how the Oz theme is celebrated.

I still have lots of friends and acquaintances in San Diego. A couple of them noticed that in an Oz display at the San Diego County Fair this year, the cover of one of my graphic novels is featured: The Ice King of Oz. Thank you, Wendy and Marcia, for letting me know and sending me photos.

I don't know how Ice King ended up being the example chosen for the display. The funny thing is that for two years at the fair I participated in a program of authors reading their works to kids on afternoons in the Children's Tent. And both years I chose to read The Ice King of Oz. So for me, that title already had an association with the San Diego County Fair. Did the person who planned the Oz display remember my reading this graphic novel? Or was it just chance?

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