Sunday, July 14, 2019

New Casper Comic Book Series

Casper the Friendy Ghost stars in a brand new comic book series. The first issue of Casper's Spooksville is already on sale wherever comic books are sold.

In the tradition of Casper's space adventures from years ago when Casper accompanied Apollo 16 to the moon, Casper's Spooksville presents a space-faring odyssey. "Sneak Thieves from Outer Space" stars Casper, Wendy the Good Little Witch, Spooky the Tuff Little Ghost, and Hot Stuff the Little Devil. This story, written by Mike Wolfer and drawn by me, continues through the first four issues of Casper's Spooksville.

That's not all--I'm also drawing a second Mike Wolfer-written story in each issue. Issue #1 features Hot Stuff and the return of the mischievous Spook-Cats in "One Bad Apple." More stories by others are also included.

Look for the cover on the right. I love the tv screens featuring the main characters, just like the designs on the vintage Casper comic books published last century by Harvey Comics.

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