Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Rose City Comic Con Appearance Cancelled

I've just cancelled my appearance at Rose City Comic Con 2021 in Portland, Oregon, September 10-12, 2021, due to my concerns about Covid, especially the delta variant.

I'm vaxxed, of course. But evidence shows that a vax doesn't prevent contraction of Covid. It just lessens the severity.

Rose City's website explains that masks will be mandatory and that the convention will follow all CDC recommendations. That's great--as far as it goes.

Comic book conventions generally consist of thousands of people in one large room, all breathing the same air. And even if all people at Rose City Comic Con 2021 were to assiduously keep their masks in place, how could I sell any comics or graphic novels to them if they stay six feet away? Do they toss their cash or credit cards to me? Do I toss their merchandise to them? I suppose I could try to back up at least six feet whenever anyone were to approach my table. But many conventions don't have that much room behind a table.

It all just seems like a terrible idea to me, just begging to be a Spreader Event. I like meeting fans of my work in public settings, but I think this is way too early to hold conventions such as this one. I won't be participating.

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