Thursday, September 9, 2021

The Process of Making Comics

Helen's first appearance, featured in exhibit.
The Bradbury Art Museum at Arkansas State University will open a new exhibition on September 15, 2021: "Legends: An Exploration of Contemporary Storytelling from Frame to Experience." My artwork will be featured among that of other cartoonists.

This exhibit uniquely concentrates on the process of creating art, not just the final piece. To demonstrate the process, each piece of my original art will be exhibited along with notes, sketches, scripts, and thumbnails I created in preparing the final piece.

The pieces on exhibit will include several Age of Bronze pages, including the first appearance of Helen; a Star Wars cover; and an Iron Man double-page spread.

Other artists included are Sarah Anderson, Gustav Carlson, JooYoung Choi, Michelle Czajkowski, Neil Emmanuel, Sean Fitzgibbon, Peter Kuper, Chad Maupin, Mythic Times, Josh Neufeld, Trina Robbins, and Kevin Snipes.

The exhibit runs through December 8, 2021. For more info, here's a link to the museum's press release.

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