Saturday, March 23, 2019

Age of Bronze #34 Coming Soon!

Now for an Age of Bronze update!

A couple weeks ago I turned in Age of Bronze #34 to the publisher Image Comics. So it will be released soon. With this issue the comic books series goes digital only. You'll be able to read Age of Bronze #34 on your choice of digital screen--monitor, pad, or phone--and in a full range of hues by colorist John Dallaire. Comixology is the online delivery service that will be offering Age of Bronze.

I'll post an announcement here when issue #34 is available for you to purchase online. And, although I've said it before, I'll say it again to re-assure everyone: future Age of Bronze graphic novel collections will continue to be published in print. The single issues are going digital-only, not the graphic novels.

[A note to subscribers: I've printed a small number of actual hard copy issues of Age of Bronze #34 in order to fulfill subscriptions, so you'll be getting exactly what you expected when you originally subscribed--except that now Age of Bronze is in full color! I'll be offering to switch any subscriber over to digital if preferred.]

To whet your appetite, here's a three-page preview of Age of Bronze #34. Click on each page to see it larger:

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Age of Bronze color copyright © 2019 John Dallaire.
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Age of Bronze and all character likenesses are trademarks of Eric Shanower.

Casper's Ghostland #2

On sale now from your favorite comics dealer, both real world and online, is the second issue of Casper's Ghostland. It features several stories of Casper and his friends, Hot Stuff, Spooky, and Wendy.

I drew a ten-page story written by Mike Wolfer. "Jokers Are Wild" stars Spooky and Hot Stuff in an encounter with the prankster Spook-Cats. The Spook-Cats appeared in one story decades ago when Harvey Comics was publishing the Casper characters. Now the mischievous ghost felines, Cyril and Claude, are back to torture our heroes. That's them in the lower left corner of the front cover, also drawn by me.

I hope you'll enjoy the Spook-Cats, 'cause they'll be back soon!

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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Age of Bronze #34 Cover

Today is the final day of January 2019. In a few places I've announced that Age of Bronze #34 would be published in January 2019. But it wasn't. In other places I've announced that Age of Bronze #34 will be published in early 2019. That's still happening.

Colorist John Dallaire and I are still working on the color for Age of Bronze #34. As soon as that's finished, the issue will be off to publisher Image Comics for digital publication through Comixology.

So we've still got a few weeks to go. Believe me, I'll announce publication as soon as it happens. I've been waiting for this issue as long as anyone.

In the meantime, here's a look at the cover for issue #34. It features Achilles and Helen meeting on the summit of Mount Ida, south of Troy.

Copyright © 2019 Eric Shanower. All rights reserved.
Age of Bronze and all character likenesses are trademarks of Eric Shanower.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Returning to Key West

Left to right: Meg Cabot, Danielle Paige, Eric Shanower, and Victor LaValle.
I had a stupendous time at the Key West Literary Seminar in Key West, Florida, earlier this month. I gave a presentation on Age of Bronze that, by all counts, was well received. I also babbled away about comics and my career in a public conversation with Meg Cabot (author of The Princess Diaries), Danielle Paige (author of Dorothy Must Die), and Victor LaValle (author of The Changeling), who have all recently written graphic novels in addition to their prose works. I met a lot of fascinating people, loved listening to the other presentations, and had a terrific time seeing Key West, where I was born but had never previously been back to.

As the first invited cartoonist at this 37-year-old literary event, which through the decades has boasted a roster of some of the best writers of our time, I wanted to present a positive and insightful face of comics and graphic novels for both the audience and the organizers. I think I was mostly successful, so I hope some of my fellow cartoonists will be appearing on the Key West stage in future years.

Here's the link to an article about my presentation at the Key West Literary Seminar. If you're interested in attending next year's seminar, here's the link for tickets, which go on sale February 5. But be prepared; tickets for the Key West Literary Seminar sell out as quickly as those for the San Diego Comic-Con--like lightning.

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Photo by Mark Hedden.
Photo copyright © 2019 Key West Literary Seminar.