Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Age of Bronze

Welcome to the new site for Age of Bronze news!

Here's a brand new forum to keep up with everything new and exciting that's going on with Age of Bronze and with me. First of all, I want everyone to know that I'm well into the artwork for issue #34 of Age of Bronze. This issue presents the meeting between Achilles and Helen on Mt. Ida.

For years I posted news on the Age of Bronze website in a sidebar, keeping readers up to date on new Age of Bronze comic books and graphic novels, as well as all my latest projects and doings. But recently the host of the site, Godaddy, made adding new entries so burdensome that my news became sporadic.

But now all that's changed with this brand new forum for Age of Bronze updates and news. I'll post some in-progress artwork from issue #34 soon. That's one of the advantages of this new forum--it's much more flexible and easier to show stuff!

But don't worry. The main Age of Bronze website is still there, and so is the web-store where you can find and order Age of Bronze graphic novels, comic books, and t-shirts--along with a generous selection of other projects I've worked on, books, comics, and posters.

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