Monday, March 7, 2016

"Seen" No More

Title page of Age of Bronze "Seen" app for iPad.
Digital comics publisher Throwaway Horse is ceasing operations in April 2016. Since Throwaway Horse has been the publisher of the digital edition of Age of Bronze--titled Age of Bronze "Seen"--readers have the rest of this month to access the first four issues of Age of Bronze "Seen" as an app for iPad in the iTunes store. After that, Age of Bronze "Seen" will no longer be available.

I really liked having a digital edition of Age of Bronze published. It was colored by John Dallaire under my approval. Every page was annotated by Tom Beasley, Visiting Assistant Professor of Classics at Bucknell University. And each issue was just 99 cents.

Unfortunately only the first four issues of Age of Bronze "Seen" were published. The digital edition didn't receive the volume of readership that the publisher had hoped for. Throwaway Horse's other digital comics don't seem to have warranted continuation, either, since Throwaway Horse is shutting down as a company.

Page colored by John Dallaire with annotation by Tom Beasley
Colorist John Dallaire finished the color on several issues beyond what Throwaway Horse published and is continuing to color Age of Bronze. In due time I'll find a new publisher for a digital edition of Age of Bronze and it will continue to be available in color. And I plan to eventually publish print editions of the graphic novels in color, too, through print publisher Image Comics.

If you want to sample Age of Bronze "Seen" on your iPad while the app is still available for a short while, click here to access the iTunes store.

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