Thursday, August 2, 2018

Casper and the Stooges

I've been drawing comics featuring characters I knew in my childhood. First up is Casper the Friendly Ghost and his whole supporting cast.

The first comic book I ever bought with my own money was an issue of Casper, published back then by Harvey Comics. For several years my comics obsession focused on the Harvey Comics characters, particularly Richie Rich. Casper was secondary in my estimation. But when Harvey began publishing the team-up title Richie Rich and Casper, I loved it. (As an adult I find Richie Rich rather boring, but Casper I find more charming than I remember.)

Since their original cancellation in the early 1980s, the Harvey characters have seen only sporadic publication. Until recently. Now the publisher American Mythology has the license to Casper and his supporting characters, including the little devil Hot Stuff. Hot Stuff crossed over with Casper back in the day, but he was never a bonafide supporting character in the Casper cast. That's changed now.

So I've been drawing stories featuring Casper, Wendy, Spooky, the Ghostly Trio, Hot Stuff, Pearl, and Princess Charma. I think it's fun! When I first became a professional cartoonist I wanted to draw for publication all the comic book characters I'd loved as a child. I figured I'd never have a chance to draw the Harvey characters. That ambition fell by the wayside years ago. But now I'm another step nearer to fulfilling it.

Casper and Hot Stuff #1 came out several weeks ago, but should still be on sale at your local comic shop. I drew one of the several variant covers, as well as a couple stories inside. More Casper comics drawn by me are on their way.

American Mythology also has the license to publish Three Stooges comics. I watched Three Stooges movies on television when I was a kid, but I hadn't seen one of their movies in years--until American Mythology decided to re-think its approach to the Stooges and asked me to take a shot. I was happy to try. As research I watched some Stooges movie footage on YouTube. The editor and publisher liked my approach, so now I've been drawing Three Stooges comic book stories, too.

The new approach places the Stooges in the 1930s, so they're period pieces, as if these stories are actual shorts the Stooges filmed. They feature the original Stooges line-up of Moe, Larry, and Curly. The coloring is in black and white to replicate the sense of a black-and-white movie short. The Stooges never held a similar place in my heart as the Harvey characters do. But it's fun drawing their silly slapstick abuse of each other.

Three Stooges: Matinee Madness #1 goes on sale toward the end of August. I drew one of the several variant covers and a couple stories inside.

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