Monday, December 13, 2021

Script for Age of Bronze #34 Available

About Comics has a new volume, Panel Three: Comics Scripts by Top Writers, in its series of books compiling various professional comics scripts. My handwritten script for Age of Bronze #34 appears in Panel Three.

I always write Age of Bronze scripts by hand. Scripts that need to be read by an artist or an editor I write on computer. Usually no one has to read an Age of Bronze script except me.

Now anyone can read issue #34's script, with plenty of cross-outs, revisions, and re-writing. About Comics publisher Nat Gertler wanted to include this handwritten script to widen the variety of scripts he's made available in his series. And look at the variety of writers you get in Panel Three, all listed on the cover image to the right.

You can purchase Panel Three from any standard bookseller, real or online. Panel Three is also available through a special Humble Bundle promotion here:

That Humble Bundle gives you 37 digital books about creating comics—including Panel Three—for a donation of at least $25. 

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