Saturday, December 18, 2021

Wake Up

Super Sleepy Bedtime Stories #1, published by Sitcomics Binge Books, just went on sale this week at your local comics shop. Super Sleepy is a little girl who always dresses like a super-hero--I think that's because her one-piece pajamas resemble a super-hero jumpsuit. Her stories have to do with bedtime. Her sidekick is a sheep named Schleepy--because, you know, counting sheep.

Super Sleepy's stories are reminiscent of those of the old Harvey Comics characters Little Dot and Little Audrey. If you look closely at the cover image at the right, you'll see that one of the kids looks as if he stole Richie Rich's haircut.

This first issue contains 68 pages, and I drew the art for one of them. In "Party Pooped," Super Sleepy attends a slumber party. Television writer Ursula Burton is credited with writing Super Sleepy #1. The story's cute. The whole book looks cute. Definitely for kids to enjoy.

Here's a sample panel from the story I drew.

Find a copy of Super Sleepy Bedtime Stories #1 at your local comics store or order from the distributor here:

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